Salesforce® CRM implementation

It’s brilliant working with Methods Digital. The team really understood what we were trying to achieve and help us deliver.

— Richard Grove, CIO, CoSector

The challenge

CoSector was keen to get rid of the waste, thereby saving money and using that surplus to fund innovation.

CIO Richard Grove knew that implementing a customer relationship management system would enable the data sharing and process automation needed to solve the problem.

After researching the market, Grove chose to deploy Salesforce’s cloud-based CRM system because of its user-friendly interface and rich ecosystem of applications which can run on this platform, allowing CoSector to extend Salesforce’s functionality in any way it needs to.

Methods Digital was then engaged to deliver Salesforce training to users within the organisation to make sure they could use Service Cloud features such as Case Management, Accounts and Contacts Management, etc.

In addition, Methods Digital also delivered training to a dedicated super-user (i.e. an internal Salesforce administrator) who was tasked with supporting the rest of the team and carrying out day-to-day admin tasks.

The final phase of the project involved enhancing CoSector’s Salesforce processes including a review of the existing set-up and configuration optimisation.

salesforce cosector data

Example of how siloed data impacted on the customer experience

The solution

CoSector was formed in 2015 as the home of the professional and student support services for the University of London, the second largest UK education institution.

CoSector is focused on delivering high quality customer-centric services to students, academics and institutions of Higher Education and beyond. CoSector currently focuses on three key areas— Digital, Recruitment, and Housing. They have notable customers including Kings College London, Queen Mary (UoL) and Manchester Metropolitan University as well as the United Nations and Google DeepMind.

CoSector is split into three departments with on average six units each, i.e. Careers, Housing, and Digital. Customers were often liaising with various departments within CoSector, but there was no data sharing between each department. So it was not uncommon for the Housing department to not know a customer was already talking to the Careers department, creating confusion and waste. In short, there was no single view of a customer.

The results

CoSector now benefits from a single source of truth for all its customers.

Thanks to the Salesforce implementation, it is now easy to identify key accounts and CoSector is able to recommend the right products to the right customers. Creating a single point of contact for a customer has led to a significant increase in the quality of service provided and the drive towards getting the best possible result for the customer—be that an academic, student or institution.

The added benefits to this have come from the utilisation of the Salesforce ecosystem: being able to implement and integrate HubSpot into the Salesforce solution has added an entirely new dynamic to marketing, and CoSector is now able to really understand its customers and the needs of its users.

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